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Hand Of God - MobileTvShows
Hand Of God
A morally-corrupt judge suffers a breakdown and believes God is compelling him onto a path of vigilante justice.
Genres: Crime, Drama
IMDb Rating: 7.5
Last Updated: 19 Mar, 2017

Latest files added
Hand of God
Hand of God - S02E10 - He Must Be (High MP4) (WEBM) (Aired: 2017-03-10)
Pernell teams with KD to mete out their own brand of justice to San Vicente's dirty cops, confronts Bobo about his betrayal, and faces the man he now believes is responsible for tearing his family apart. Jocelyn joins Crystal on a journey to protect PJ's legacy, as Paul considers a new alliance with Pernell. Tessie tries to convince KD that Pernell cannot be trusted.
Hand Of God
Hand Of God - S02E09 - What a Man Can Be (High MP4) (WEBM) (Aired: 2017-03-10)
With Pernell's trial looming, he and KD must leverage new evidence in a bargain with Chief Toby. Crystal convinces Jocelyn that PJ's last note might contain a hidden message. Bobo aligns loyalty with Nathan Brooks. Tessie discovers the truth about her assets.
Hand Of God
Hand Of God - S02E08 - The Last Thing Left (High MP4) (WEBM) (Aired: 2017-03-10)
Belief restored, Pernell seeks to mend relationships with Tessie and Paul and makes shocking discoveries about his trial. KD keeps watch on Chief Toby, and makes enemies with Raymond Kelly in the process. Crystal begins to trust Pernell again. Under pressure from the police, Bobo seeks out a new backer and takes decisive action against Pernell.
Hand Of God
Hand Of God - S02E07 - When You Pull the Trigger (High MP4) (WEBM) (Aired: 2017-03-10)
Isolated and disillusioned, Pernell takes drastic measures to relieve his suffering. KD betrays Tessie to deliver a message to Pernell. Jocelyn sheds light on one of Pernell's visions. Crystal finds refuge with her sister in Stockton and discovers what happened to Wilson. Toby puts the squeeze on Paul and Bobo, whose friendship with Pernell is on the brink.
Hand Of God
Hand Of God - S02E06 - What Do You Hear? (High MP4) (WEBM) (Aired: 2017-03-10)
San Vicente authorities turn up the heat with a round of subpoenas, but an unexpected visitor offers Pernell a clue that could turn the tables. Pernell helps Crystal and Wilson in a dangerous quest to find PJ's software. But when he runs into trouble with Crystal, Pernell lashes out in public--going toe-to-toe with Paul. Tessie and KD become closer.


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