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Survivor (in TV)
Survivor is a reality television game show format produced in many countries throughout the world. In the show, contestants are isolated in the wilderness and compete for cash and other prizes. The show uses a system of progressive elimination, allowing the contestants to vote off other tribe members until only one final contestant remains and wins the title of "Sole Survivor". The format for Survivor was created in 1992 by Charlie Parsons. The show is credited for making Reality television a popular T.V. genre.
Last Updated: 16 May, 2019

Season 20 - Episodes
Survivor - S20E01 - Slay Everyone, Trust No One (Aired: 11 Feb. 2010)
20 of the most loved and most notorious players from the past nineteen seasons return to the South Pacific island of Samoa, some to seek revenge while others are looking for redemption. Some physical skirmishes at the reward challenge take their toll on the castaways.
Survivor - S20E02 - It's Getting the Best of Me (Aired: 18 Feb. 2010)
Backstabbing and dissention run rampant in one tribe as a castaway reveals that old grudges die hard and makes a move to put a former ally on the chopping block. Meanwhile, one Villain pushes so hard to provide for the tribe that he passes out cold.
Survivor - S20E03 - That Girl Is Like a Virus (Aired: 25 Feb. 2010)
One of the most powerful women in the game targets a worthy adversary and gets aggressive in her efforts to oust an immediate threat.
Survivor - S20E04 - Tonight, We Make Our Move (Aired: 4 Mar. 2010)
The two tribes search in their own camps after receiving clues to hidden immunity idols. In the Villains' camp, Coach thinks everyone is turning against him, while the rest of the tribe becomes frustrated with Russell.
Survivor - S20E06 - Banana Etiquette (Aired: 24 Mar. 2010)
The fifteen remaining castaways find out that both tribes have to vote someone off at the next Tribal Council. In the Villains' camp, Rob and Russell continue to set their sights on each other as the next to go.
Survivor - S20E07 - I'm Not a Good Villain (Aired: 1 Apr. 2010)
Hurt and betrayed by a close ally, one castaway learns the hard way that loyalty isn't always easy, and one powerhouse learns from experience that old grudges die hard.
Survivor - S20E08 - Expectations (Aired: 8 Apr. 2010)
Struggling to keep their tribe intact, the "Heroes" vow to work together as long as it takes to ensure that they outlast the "Villains." Meanwhile, the "Villains" begin to turn on one another after one tribe member makes a costly mistake at the Reward Challenge.
Survivor - S20E09 - Survivor History (Aired: 15 Apr. 2010)
Convinced that a women's alliance is running the Villains tribe, The Heroes develop a risky strategy in an effort to align themselves with one of the game's most notorious players.
Survivor - S20E10 - Going Down in Flames (Aired: 22 Apr. 2010)
Reunited on the merged tribe, two old friends rekindle an alliance but trust doesn't come easily for this powerful pair, and one castaway makes an unprecedented play, setting the stage for one of the most surprising Tribal Councils in Survivor history.
Survivor - S20E11 - Jumping Ship (Aired: 29 Apr. 2010)
With two swing votes hanging in the balance, no one can be sure of their safety heading into Tribal Council, and even the most formidable villain in the game makes a potential miscalculation.
Survivor - S20E12 - A Sinking Ship (Aired: 6 May 2010)
The eight remaining castaways compete in Immunity Challenges and attend Tribal Councils on two back-to-back days.
Survivor - S20E13 - Loose Lips Sink Ships (Aired: 13 May 2010)
The final six get the chance to earn time with their loved ones in a fiercely fought reward challenge. Desperate for options, the remaining heroes make an unexpected ally, hoping to turn the game around.
Survivor - S20E14 - Anything Could Happen (Aired: 16 May 2010)
The final five castaways attempt to make it to the final Tribal Council, where the jury question the final three before voting for the winner of the US$1 million prize.

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